What are Hidden Experiences?

Hey!! Welcome to this initiative. (At least +100 Blogs About This).
Our prupose, is just give you information. Not More.
Look your city, at the sky. Is Too Warm?
Watch TV News. Animals in Extincion Danger, Nature Abuse, Rivers, Seas, Air, Forests.... contaminated. News like this, take about 1 or 2 minutes, unnoticed. Habit happens, quietly... We're dying... quietly.... You planet is dying quietly!! and is for our fault.
'Hidden Experiences' aren't a TV Reality, or a TV Show... Are just contacts between Human-Nature ... and hiddenly. Is very, very impossible controls all humanity, but some people are in this (Really some people, at least 0.03% of all human being).
What we mean is simple: Its all about precises personalities, Nature-Human personalities. People who love and protect from the smallest to the biggest Nature, but not protect precisely, is just ambient-acts, for example don't contaminating...
Only we want you know HOW IS OUR PLANET DYING, by pictures and videos, just for you get concience about this.
We aren't say to you that clean, or recycle, No!. Just to think....
how to make our planet last a little longer.
Hidden Experiences are this, different ideas, theories, images, that show this impactant True.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

How to Learn English !!?? (Important)

  •  Our Comic !!!!!!!!!

Some daily activities will help you to learn and speak better English. Click here to full view: http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/4693/comicps.jpg

We forget the principal way to learn !!! Listening Music
Everybody likes the music, so, listen many times some songs , is better understand messages and pronounciation.



  • Learning English Game ! Interactive on-line games about Memory (Body, Animals, Fruits).                       

      •      Commercial (Why Learn English?)

      miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

      Save Water. Campaign

      We're in 2010...

      ??? What can you say of this ???

      No turning back, people are sick.
      Have you've been think the day when you have thirst, and water does not exist more?
      Why? 'Cause are factors...

      (Image by: Serso at DevianART.com)

      Check Live Earth pruposes: http://liveearth.org/en/save/water